Reedley High School

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Mrs. Leticia Tasy

                                        Class of 2023

                                        Reedley High School




9th Grade Counselor- Mrs. Leticia Tasy

Phone: (559) 305-7100 Ext. 2232
Hello Pirates, welcome back to Reedley High School.  Freshmen, I hope you are ready and energized for your first semester of your 9th grade year.  If you have any questions or concerns,please feel free to make an appointment in the counseling office. Also, make sure to stay connected join my Remind CLASS OF 2023! To receive messages via text, text @473bhf9 to 81010.  
**A-G Requirements**
If you are planning to attend a UC or CSU after high school, it is imperative that you complete the A-G requirements and pass your classes with a grade of C or better.  Attached you will find a copy of the A-G classes offered at RHS.
Reedley High School Clubs
Join clubs, they can help you build your resume, make new friends, and you can get community service hours.  Check out the list of clubs we have at RHS.
Math Tutoring 
The Math Department at RHS offers tutoring after school from 3:15pm to 4:15pm every day except Wednesdays.  There is a Transition Center in room 5A2 where there is a welcoming staff of four transition counselors that assist Freshmen in any subject area and give them resources.  Check out the math flyer!
Cumulative GPA

What is cumulative GPA?
Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) refers to the overall GPA, which includes dividing the number of quality points earned in all courses attempted by the total degree-credit hours in all attempted courses.

How is it different from term or semester GPA?

Your semester / term GPA is your Grade Point Average for that one term or semester. Your cumulative GPA is you grade point average for all attempted courses in the program.

How cumulative GPA is calculated?
Basically you have to add up all subjects taken so far in every semester and take the weighted average of each semester.