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Advanced Placement (AP) Information

Advanced Placement (AP) Information

February 5, 2016 is the deadline for AP fees.
Please pay the finance office $5 per test by 4:00 p.m.
Payments made after the Feb 5th deadline through March 18, 2016 will have to pay a $15 late fee per test. NO TESTS will be ordered after March 18, 2016
Every year, millions of students all over the world discover that AP is more than just a score. Learn how they develop skills in high school that prepare them for college, and hear how they are inspired to push themselves in their schoolwork and in their lives.

AP Youtube channel

2016 AP Exam schedule

The 2016 AP Exams will be administered over two weeks in May: May 2 through 06 and May 09 through 13. Early testing or testing at times other than those published by the College Board is not permitted under any circumstances.

See Mr. Mendoza for questions and more information.
Beginning July of this year, you will get your AP scores online! Since the AP Program will no longer be sending reports in the mail, there are a few things you’ll want to do to get ready.

The AP Program
  • Provides willing and academically prepared high school students with the opportunity to study and learn at the college level.
  • Each AP course is modeled on a comparable college course. College and University faculty play a vital role in ensuring that AP courses align with college-level standards.
  • AP courses culminate in college-level assessments developed and scores by college and university faculty.
  • Based on their performance on rigorous AP exam, students can earn credit, advanced placement, or both for college 90% of four-year US colleges and universities grant credit or advanced placement. Policies vary widely (and sometime within) institutions.
  • For more information:

AP courses prepare students majoring in engineering, biochemistry and other STEM majors in college. AP students earn higher GPAs in the advanced college coursesinto which their AP credit allowed them to place, compared to students with the same high school class rank and SAT scores who did not earn AP credit and who did not skip the entry-level college course.
* The full study can be found at

By taking an AP exam at Reedley High School parents agree to the Reedley High School Student Expectations Agreement as follows:


You are currently registering to take an AP course this year. Taking an AP course and exam is a collaborative effort between you the student, your parent/guardian, and the school. Each party plays a role and must make the commitment to meet the expectations noted below.

The Student agrees to organize his/her time and effort to successfully complete the AP course in which he/she is enrolled. The student will notify teachers immediately if he/she falls behind in class readings and/or assignments. The student will be expected to complete assignments, readings and projects outside of class time. The student will take the AP Exam on its scheduled date and time as outlined by the College Board.

The Parent/Guardian agrees to be familiar with and accept the AP course requirements and policies, and to help his/her child organize study time in support of class assignments. The parent/guardian agrees to purchase required materials and to pay the exam fee as determined by the AP Coordinator. If the parent/guardian is unable to meet these requirements for financial reasons, they will contact the AP Coordinator immediately.

The School (AP Teacher and AP Coordinator) agrees to provide rigorous instruction and challenging course content as described in the AP Course Description. The school will provide the student with a copy of the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents and agrees to administer the AP Exam in a fair and secure environment as outlined in the AP Coordinator’s Manual. It is understood that:
a. The 2015-16 AP Exam fee will be $5 for all students.
b. AP exams will not be ordered for students that did not pay the exam fee.
c. Student's will not receive the added weight on the final semester grades when not taking the AP test