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Parent Resources/Websites

Parent Resources/Websites

Fresno Family Counseling Center presents:Coping with Anger for Teens
Saturday October 25, from 12:00-1:30 pm.

ATTENDANCE WORKS is a national and state initiative that promotes better policy and practice around school attendance. We promote tracking chronic absence data for each student beginning in kindergarten, or ideally earlier, and partnering with families and community agencies to intervene when poor attendance is a problem for students or schools. Our goal is to ensure that every district in the country not only tracks chronic absence data beginning in kindergarten or ideally earlier, but also partners with families and community agencies to intervene when attendance is a problem for children or particular schools.  Attendance Works English Flyer     Attendance Works Spanish Flyer
The end of the school year can be a nervous time for students, especially those that will be making the jump into elementary school, middle school, high school or college next fall. These transitioning students are left with a variety of questions -- from curiosities about academic rigor to managing a social life and coursework, to worries about using a combination lock. (It took me more than a couple tries.)

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources on the Web that offer useful information for all stakeholders -- parents, students, educators and administrators -- that will help ensure successful transition. Here are a few for each major stepping stone in the K-12 pipeline.
Helping children grow self esteem involves listening, accepting, disciplining, and praising. Learn more about how to use these methods to raise self esteem in children by visiting this helpful website.
National Association for Self Esteem The purpose of The National Association for Self Esteem is to fully integrate self-esteem into the fabric of American society so that every individual, no matter what their age or background, experiences personal worth and happiness. Their site includes lesson plans for self esteem building, parenting tips for self esteem in children, tools for rating your self esteem and much more.
This guide will give you ideas on things you can do to feel better about yourself and to raise your self-esteem. The ideas have come from people who realize they have low self-esteem and are working to improve it. It addresses issues such as addressing depression and other illnesses as causes of low self esteem, the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, using a self-esteem calendar, appreciation exercises and much more.
Memory Tips for Students

As exam time approaches students with learning disabilities often find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of information they need to remember. Teachers wisely tell their students to review in each subject as they go along through the semester.
Research tells us that if we review information within 24 hours of learning it, we are much more likely to remember it in the long run. Well thought out homework is designed with this kind of review in mind. Each student should choose strategies for memorization that fit their own learning styles.
Homework Tips
Does your child always have a problem finishing homework correctly within a reasonable amount of time? Do you have to survive a battle or devote a lot of your time and help each night? Do you question why your child has to do homework at all? If your child has learning or attention problems, it's likely you and your child have faced such challenges. Understanding the purpose of homework — and learning strategies for managing assignments effectively — can be of great help to you and your child.
Friday's Progress Notes is a mental health newsletter that focuses on eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, practice management, family relationships, ADHD, Alzheimer's, anxiety, and other mental health topics for professionals and their clients/patients.
Parent site for overall health and welfare of your child.
"MADD Launches Program To Help Parents Influence Teen Alcohol Behavior". (MADD) and Nationwide Insurance have launched "The Power of Parents, It's Your Influence by MADD(™)" to give parents of high school students the communication tools they need to stop teen alcohol use. The program features resources at
Comfort Zone provides grieving children with a voice, a place and a community in which to heal, grow and lead more fulfilling lives.
Comfort Zone Camp is the nation’s largest bereavement camp. Comfort Zone Camps are offered free of charge to children ages 7-17 who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling or primary caregiver. The camps are held year-round in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas, and Virginia.

Comfort Zone Camps create an environment where grieving children can have fun and break the isolation death often brings, while learning valuable coping skills for their daily lives.
Intervention Central is committed to the goal of making quality Response-to-Intervention resources available to educators at no cost--especially in these times of tight school budgets. The site was created in 2000 by Jim Wright, a school psychologist and school administrator from Central New York. Visit to check out newly posted academic and behavioral intervention strategies, download publications on effective teaching practices, and use tools that streamline classroom assessment and intervention.
Here are some helpful items from the Intervention Central Website.
  1. Parent-Student Homework Contract
  2. How to motivate your child
College Mentoring Program
The purpose of the Migrant College Mentoring Program is to pair a College Mentor with a minimum of 10 migrant students that participate in the Education and Leadership Academies, College Awareness Programs, and other programs within Migrant Education. The College Mentors will provide leadership, motivation, tutoring and guidance to Middle School and High School participants. The Migrant College Mentoring Program will link migrant students grades 6th-12th with college mentors whom will serve as role models/support systems and guide students as they prepare for a college education. For more information, call 265-3098.
"Fear of College". Why do so many first-generation college students fail? Rebecca Cox decided to find out.
This is a new television series produced in Spanish for the eight million U.S. students who speak Spanish at home.
"CA411" helps students, their families, their schools and community organizations navigate the daunting college admission process. Episodes cover standardized tests, letters of recommendation, GPA, the application, undocumented students and much more. "CA411" is broadcast each Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. (ET) on HITN-TV, available on DISH and DirecTV. Episodes are also available online.