Reedley High School

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Employment/ SWEP

Local Job Locations:
"Things Ultra Productive People Do Differently" -Forbes March 2018
#15: Energy is Everything!
#14: Practice a consistent morning routine.
#13: Touch things only once, right there and then. (ex: respond to the email or text that you opened)
#12: Dedicate Theme days of the week. (ex: Wednesdays mainly for meetings)
#11: Delegate almost everything (ex: How can this task be done?)
#10: Follow the 80(outcome)/20(activities) rule.
#9: "No" to almost everything! (ex: complete what you need to do first, than others)
#8: Avoid meetings at all costs (ex: meetings should be quick and productive)
#7: Process emails only a few times a day (ex: morning, noon, and before end of work)
#6: Use a notebook!
#5: Make it home for dinner (ex: family value)
#4: Beat procrastination with time travel.
#3: Don't use to-do lists. (ex: schedule everything every 15 minutes instead)
#2: Focus only on one thing at a time. (ex: complete work and then next item to work on.)
#1: Focus on minutes, not hours (ex: there's 1440 minutes per day to work with. Time can never be reclaimed!)