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Volunteer Opportunities

Community Youth Ministries
St. Anthony Church Volunteer Opportunities & Altar Cleaning

Community Life Garden

2017 workshop and volunteer events

 Gardening 101 Workshop is on September 9, 2017 from 9 am to 11 am at the Reedley Community Center.  We want all our gardeners to be successful. As such, we have scheduled another Workshop that provides great information on getting started, preparing the soil and preserving your harvest.

Volunteer Days planned that include September 23 when we will plant the Fall/Winter vegetables at our garden. We also plan on October 13 & 14, to be at the Reedley Fiesta. We will have a Plant Sale and Information Booth. 

Finally, on October 28, 2017, we will have our last of the year Garden Building event to help expand our garden. We will provide food and drink to all our volunteers for all days, and the materials and supplies for the projects of the day.

Please visit our website or our Facebook Page for pictures and latest updates. https://Facebook/communitylifegarden




Please Contact: Naomi H. Popoff, Volunteer Program Manager

(559) 646-6618 Ext. 0029 or Email: 

Volunteer Program

“click on the volunteers tab”

Key Take Homes

  • Prepare a resume (name, address, phone, email, work history if applicable, hobbies, volunteerism, key career interest, special courses)
  • Dress professional (clean, neat and modest)
  • Smile, smile, smile!
  • Firm Handshake
  • Eye Contact
  • Do Your Homework (read the company website)



  • Be an Awesome Volunteer
  • Be Committed
  • Be Professional
  • Be on Time


UHC Volunteer Requirements

  • 16 Years and Older
  • Fill Out an Application
  • TB Screening
  • Minimum of 100 Hours of Volunteer Service Commitment
  • A Pledge to be an Awesome Volunteer
  • Be sure to practice our I C A R E Values
    • Integrity, Compassion, Advocacy, Respect, Excellence


College Partnerships

  • Externship Opportunities (MA, DA, HCA)



  • Volunteer Experience for Resume and College Applications
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Certificate of Volunteer Service Hours