Reedley High School

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Reedley High School

PBIS Goals


Reedley High School will provide a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing and respectful environment in which all students have the opportunity to progress academically and to become productive members of society.  PBIS aims to decrease behavioral infractions showing year-over-year improvement. PBIS assists towards this end as it is based upon the concept of teaching behaviors that will prevent noncompliance. We will provide this through the implementation of PBIS, which promotes the following:


  • Development of clearly defined and consistent student expectations and accountabilities which reflect RHS’s themes;


  •         Respect for self, others and surroundings
  •         Honorable to self and others
  •         Success for All


  • Communication and collaboration between administration, staff, families and community.
  • Maintenance of an open ended flexible approach through the use of a data driven informational system.
  • Educationally sound methods that foster student character, safety, academic excellence and individual citizenship.


Classroom Teacher Responsibilities


  1. Teachers will define, teach, model, and practice each of the Pirate Pride behavioral expectations.
  2. Teachers will display and use the classroom expectations based upon the Pirate Pride expectations. (Classroom expectations are to be posted in the classroom)
  3. Teachers will implement targeted classroom interventions consistently and with fidelity every day.
  4. Teachers will develop and/or use PBIS established strategies for recognizing students who meet and/or exceed Pirate Pride behaviors school-wide and classroom expectations using informal and formal recognition programs such as Positive Pirate Points, and Best on the Ship nominations.


Staff Personnel Responsibilities


  1. Staff personnel are defined as all adults with supervisory authority, including those assigned to hall duty, lunch duty, bus duty, and all teachers whose students are in attendance at assemblies.
  2. All classroom teachers are involved as supervisors at various points within the school day and/or school year.
  3. Staff personnel will circulate among students and observe students to see that they are meeting school-wide expectations in all non-classroom settings of the school.
  4. Staff personnel will talk with students and provide feedback based on the school -wide expectations.
  5. Staff personnel will develop and/or use PBIS established strategies for recognizing students who meet and/or exceed school-wide and classroom expectations such as Positive Pirate Points.
Reedley High Culture and Climate shift on Behavioral Redirection, Reinforcement and Stakeholders Communication:  HERO

Hero benefits everyone

Hero is built for the school heroes. The teachers. The students. Those who inspire greatness. Track the good with the bad, and reinforce positive behaviors that have the potential to ripple through your school. Then, deliver your district office the data it needs to see how your culture is shifting - for the better.


Positive Behavior (PBIS) Program Support


Hero is designed to complement PBIS programs. Effectively and consistently tracking behaviors - whether they be positive or negative - helps support a PBIS program and effectuate cultural change. Accurate data helps tell a school what's happening among its population, and to identify the heroes among it. Hero tracks behavior in the classroom, the hallways and virtually anywhere on campus, all feeding into your overall behavioral program goals.
  • Incident Tracking + Referral Process Automation
Hero helps monitor all forms of student behavior. Good or bad, minor or major, you will always know what's happening on campus. Using any web browser, the Hero Mobile Scanning Solution, or your own Android & iOS devices, we allow you to spot heroes in your school and capture behavior where and when it happens. Keep accurate attendance records. Assign warnings and consequences automatically.
  • Classroom Management Solutions
Hero is built to document incidents and recognize good behavior both inside the classroom and across campus. There's no additional installation necessary as data extends to every device and desktop, giving teachers easy access to their students' data. They can utilize information to track students individually or as a group. With Hero, all data flows back to your central database in real time, providing stakeholders instant visibility to student behavior. And the Hero Dashboard is valuable to teachers and administrators alike, providing at-a-glance visual reports of trends, top 10 lists, watch lists and much more.
  • Track Attendance For All Sorts of School Events
Hero helps track and manage attendance. But it's more than that. Ticket sales for an event, student eligibility, in/out timestamps for dances, field trips and any other event on or off campus - Hero utilizes its robust tracking features and translates it into a successful way to manage the various events that are part of a school. The Event Management module also aligns to the larger goal of recognizing positive behavior. Give the heroes among your student population access to exciting events through using their earned Hero points. The module can also be set up for use in your tutoring and media centers, tracking in/out movement and participation.
  • Parent + Student Engagement Tools for SUCCESS
Good--and bad--behavior happens. Keeping parents, teachers, and students on the same page about those behaviors is our goal.  Hero Engagement Tools allow teachers to deliver real-time communications to parents who can then respond directly.  Students (and their parents) are able to to see individual performance, promoting more positive behaviors.  These features and more are added to the Hero platform to help bridge the communication gap between school and home, helping to make more active participants in student SUCCESS.
RHS  School-Wide Behavior Expectations Matrix
RHS Classroom Behavior Commitments
Reedley High School Behavior/Academic Goals 2018/19

Behavioral Goal(s)


Goal #1               Reedley High school will decrease our Office Discipline Referrals (ODR) by 5% for the 2018/19 school Year (August- March) as compared to 2017/18 school Year.


Goal #2               Reedley High school will decrease our Out Of School Suspensions (OSS) by 10% for the 2018/19 school Year (August - March) as compared to 2017/18 school Year.


Academic Goal(s)


Goal #1               Reedley High school will decrease our Tardy percentage by 10% for the 2018/19 school Year (August- March) as compared to 2017/18 school Year.


Goal #2               Reedley High school will decrease our (Fall) Student Academic Ineligibility rate by 5% from August 2018 to December 2018 as compared to our (Fall) 2017/18 school Year.